SAM Services

BPS is a certified SAM partner holding the MS SAM Gold Competency and offers SAM services to partners and end-customers. BPS SAM program offers customized consulting, tools, and resources through highly trained, qualified SAM certified team who can help give you a head start on building best practices for your software asset management.  BPS SAM program will highlight how you can improve your visibility and the control of your software use through process improvements, deployment and adoption of products that are commonly covered by existing licensing agreements, plans for any changes to asset management, budgeting needed to transition to cloud-based or virtual solutions, and ultimately demonstrating the value and benefits of a SAM solution.

BPS Offers  to the channel a “Software inventory & metering services” multi- vendor dedicated for service providers &  “an automated software inventory” using third-party SAM tools.

Our SAM Program is Designed to Help You:

  • Better manage your software investment
  • Validate that software and entitlements are genuine which helps protect against mal-ware and piracy
  • Manage expenses for software to avoid over- or under-licensing, as well as leveraging existing contracts
  • Avoiding installation of unauthorized software’s
  • Reduce unknown liability
  • Establish ongoing SAM processes
  • Review documents and communicate policies and procedures

Gathering an accurate inventory of licensable software and hardware details that support key licensing metrics can be difficult and time consuming. Our service is designed to enable you to systematically track, evaluate and manage your software license usage.

Software inventory & metering services for service providers

Our Software Inventory & Metering Service is delivered over four key phases:

  • Planning Phase: The scope of work, the roles and responsibilities will be defined
  • Data Gathering Phase: The information will be collected using different tools
  • Analysis Phase: The collected data will be analyzed and validated
  • Presentation Phase: All the findings will be documented and presented

Automated software inventory using third-party SAM automated tools

These tools can provide you with a lightning fast hardware inventory with an Agent or Agent free option. It consolidates and reconciles data from various sources. The licensing relevant information is presented through simple and configurable reports.

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