Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between SPLA and other Microsoft Volume Licensing programs?
Microsoft Volume Licensing programs offer several licensing options for end-customers to acquire Microsoft software licenses for internal use. Hosting service providers who want to offer software services to their customers (or managed services) and who will include software licenses as part of their service offering should use SPLA. Microsoft SPLA is the only Microsoft Volume Licensing program that allows Microsoft products to be used for commercial hosting.
Licensing | Microsoft SPLA
How does pricing work for SPLA?
Licensing for SPLA remains the same month-to-month. Any price changes for SPLA will occur in January except for changes due to foreign exchange rates.
Agreement Terms | Microsoft SPLA
Do I need a Distributor to sign up for SPLA?
SPLA Reseller/Distributor (currently called CSR) facilitate SPLA Agreements, monthly reporting, and many other operational functions, and help you in your go to market. Your cloud distributor BPS is at your disposal :) in all the middle east and north Africa to onboard you  in this must-have service provider program .
Onboarding | Microsoft SPLA
How do I know I am eligible for SPLA?
To be eligible for SPLA, you should be enrolled in the Microsoft Partner Network.
Onboarding | Microsoft SPLA